Solidarity, aggregation and concreteness are an essential part of the corporate responsibility of Accademia Europea Tutela Privata. In line with its own values, the Academy is sensitive to the needs of the community. For this reason it chooses to support Amatrice and its citizens in their recovery process.

In particular it has established a support and collaboration relationship with the association Amatrice 2.0, created to preserve the solidity of the community and of the human relations in the area devastated by the earthquake.

The Academy considers it important to offer the young people of Amatrice an opportunity, and for this reason it reserves 5 scholarships to residents of the town and the surrounding areas struck by the earthquake.

The commitments of the Academy to the community includes sponsoring the New Year’s Concert Happy New Tivoli, which takes place every year in the main square of Tivoli (RM) and which represents a perfect opportunity for the local community to meet and celebrate.

This year in particular, once again with Amatrice 2.0, the Academy has a stand in piazza Garibaldi in Tivoli dedicated to the specific preparation of pasta all’amatriciana to collect funds for the Association.